#WeekInReview: 10/28-11/1

April, here! Looks like Heather and I will be going back and forth on these #WeekInReview posts to give you the biggest spectrum of recommendations possible. I hope you’re ready for a buttload of YouTube videos because that’s what’s about to happen.

L-O-L guys I’m so sorry for being SO predictable. The full film version of Bastille’s Alchemy Project premiered on Halloween and it is fantastic. During the summer, Beefeater offered Bastille a chance to visit three countries and actually see it as oppose to just playing a gig in it. As Kyle says, “We travel but we never really go anywhere.” Being a travel nut myself, I love going passed all the typical tourist spots and really delve into what gives each city its heartbeat. In this film, Bastille are given a chance to explore Barcelona, Naples and Dublin; three places I personally have never been before and am now dying to see. From the wild street parties in Barcelona to Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples to witnessing graffiti art in Dublin, you see these places through the eyes of the band and see how those experiences have inspired their music. You see Dan recording the sounds of the city for future samples for songs and seeing his wheels constantly turn is just so frakking cool. Willing to bet their new song “Skulls” was based off of the Naples portion of the trip. Plus, seeing the early stages of Dan working in the studio is endlessly fascinating to me. I’d love to see a full fledged documentary on these guys. Not only are they great all around guys but being able to see their writing process would be such a spectacle.


We’re keeping things English here, hope you don’t mind. I’ve heard Jake’s name being thrown around a lot the past year but this week I finally sat down and had a listen and I AM IN LOVE OH MY GOD. With a throwback sound all his own, Jake Bugg is a mix of early Beatles (we’re talking Quarrymen days), Bob Dylan, with an after taste of Jimi Hendrix. And he’s 19. NINE-FREAKING-TEEN. I was sad to hear that I just missed his gig in Los Angeles in mid-October but then immediately purchased a ticket to his show in January. I am pumped.


Admittedly, I have been binge watching on some YouTube channels. One is for work, one is to kill time, both immensely entertaining.

As I mentioned on the podcast this week, I have the great opportunity to be an intern working for Meghan aka Strawburry17. I’ll be blogging and podcasting for her and I’m so excited to get started on this whole experience. She’s adorable and sweet and extremely hard-working and it’s a pleasure to help develop her own little empire. Of course, I’m going to be narcissistic and feature the video that I’m in but whatever. The internet is all about showing off anyway.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/strawburry17
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/strawburry17
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Strawburry17

SourceFedNerd is a branch off of Phil DeFranco’s mega news corporation, SourceFed and it’s dedicated to all things well, nerd. I’ve particularly been consuming their show Table Talk where they basically get questions via twitter and Reddit and answer them. They’re funny, insightful and mainly funny. But they last anywhere from 15-20 minutes and it’s such an easy blackhole to get sucked into. I highly recommend.


What did you discover this week? Tell us in the comments or by tweeting at us! Help me find my next obsession.

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