#Playlist: October

We both listen to a ton of music throughout the day. It’s just the nature of our jobs. We’re constantly plugged into Spotify discovering new artists, over playing old favorites and recommending everything to one another. So we thought, why not share what we’ve been listening to each month with THE INTERNETS?! We’ve made a playlist, each picking 10 of our favorite songs of the month. Here’s why these 10 made the cut.

October is my favorite month! It’s a little cloudy and not too chilly. The perfect way to move from Summer to Winter. So when I think of the songs that really put me in the mood for Fall, it’s a perfect combo of upbeat, pop-y songs and lazy afternoon songs. That’s how I got my list of 10 songs from October. The 1975, Haim, Miley Cyrus, Sara Bareilles, and Tegan & Sara remind me of the fun of Summer while Joshua Radin, Noah and the Whale, Tom Waits, Lorde and The Weepies are ushering in Winter. So enjoy Fall, keep listening and plzRT.

Let’s just be forward with one another: I’m a little bit in a folky/semi-country/cozy mood. After a summer of crazy over hyped pop, autumn has brought me back down to my earthy roots or whatever. Not only have I been drowning myself in new finds (To Kill A King, Jake Bugg) but also been leaning more towards those sounds from my old reliables (JT’s “Drink You Away” is a great departure from his usual R&B dance tracks and Bastille’s RAC remix of “Laura Palmer” makes me all nostalgic like). Add in some fabulous harmonies (Little Green Cars, Lucius) and a dash of hype (Arcade Fire, Miley Cyrus) and you’ve pretty much have my October.

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