#MovieMonday: Review – Escape From Tomorrow

Escape From Tomorrow is arguably the most talked about movie the year. Shot guerilla style on location in Walt Disney World and Disneyland without the company’s permission, Escape From Tomorrow is told from the perspective of Jim, a father of two who loses his job at the beginning of the film and his weird hallucinations that occur throughout the day at the parks. The concept behind this movie is beyond spectacular. Unfortunately, the execution doesn’t pay off. The most interesting thing about Escape From Tomorrow is how they shot it as opposed to the content itself.

First, this film LOOKS great. The black and white and overall 70s vibe of the film helps with nostalgic feel that Disney Parks tend to bring to the table.

The rest of the film doesn’t bode well. While there were a good amount of footage is on location at the Parks, there are also a good amount of green screen footage. Poorly used green screen. When you see a scene that is so obviously shot on a green screen, the whole allure of “THIS MOVIE WAS SHOT AT DISNEY WORLD” immediately disintegrates and becomes less impressive. Plus, a good chunk of the movie takes place in a hotel room which could ultimately be any hotel not necessarily on Disney property.

On top of that, the characters lack believability and humanity. I had a hard time actually caring about Jim or his wife or any character really. Jim came off as a creepy older man stalking these two French teenage girls (who also came off a big giant Lolita teases). His wife came off an unreasonable bitch and his two kids came off annoying and bratty and just oh my god I HATED THIS FAMILY. The whole film takes place from Jim’s point of view and Jim isn’t an interesting enough character to garner a full 90 minutes of my time.

In terms of the climax of the film that tries to expose Disney’s “dark” secret, it fails miserably. It could’ve turned into this brilliant masterpiece if it was executed well enough. Instead it just ends up being a huge disappointment. The ending in the same vein is haphazardly put together and it’s as messy as the ordeal that occurs in the hotel room.

Escape From Tomorrow might have worked as a short with less time spent on the whole appeal of “we shot it at Disney World” and more focus on the actual “evils” that lurk within the Parks. Banksy’s Disneyland prank had more payoff.

Overall: 4.5/10

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