about the podcast

You probably use the Internet. If you’re shaking your head “no” well then, you’re very lost and confused and you should most likely get it together because you’re currently ON THE INTERNET. The Internet has expanded and grown over the its life span but over the last few years, it has pretty much taken over our daily lives and has changed the way we look at work, play, relationships and beyond. And that’s what we’re here to discuss. Join frequent Internet surfers April and Heather (and guests!) as they dissect the crap out of all things web-related. So download, stream, share and of course…plz RT.

about april

April is currently experiencing a quarter life crisis and deals with it by indulging herself with twitter stalking, Aaron Paul appreciation and copious amounts of Cheez-Its. She is tiny, Asian and shares a namesake with a calendar month. She is also more than aware of all these things but thank you for pointing them out. She has a tendency to overuse the caps lock button and has a fondness for creative Emoji placement. April hates writing in the third person. It’s weird.

about heather

Since residing in Los Angeles, Heather has developed a keen ability to predict the weather with a 95.6% success rate. She spends her days riding her bike around her hood and having people over for dinner. Heather also enjoys weekend classy lady brunches. She frequently uses the internet and things and such. She hates writing bios and prefers video explanations. So here: