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  • Episode 34: Reid Cox

    Episode 34: Reid Cox

    Holy crap it’s another delightful guest: actress Reid Cox! FULL EPISODE 34 INFO

  • Episode 32: #Goodbye

    Episode 32: #Goodbye

    The girls say goodbye before the move on to Strawburry17! They once again play catch..

  • Episode 31: #CatchUp

    Episode 31: #CatchUp

    Heather and April are banking this episode if it seems dated, that’s why. They talk..

  • Episode 30: @hackettkate

    Episode 30: @hackettkate

    Actress Kate Hackett joins April and Heather to discuss her Kickstarter for her webseries, Classic..

  • Episode 29: @inthemindofness

    Episode 29: @inthemindofness

    Strawburry17 art director and April’s co-worker, Ness, joins them on today’s episode! They discuss YouTube,..

  • Episode 28: @BMase

    Episode 28: @BMase

    Heather’s sister, Brittany joins us on the podcast week. We talk about college, life, life..